4BULLS.GAME Launches NFT Staking: Up to 300% APY

4BULLS.GAME introduces a unique NFT staking program with a referral rewards program. 

The 4BULLS.GAME NFT Staking program offers a type of staking in which a crypto holder locks his or her NFT digital artworks for a period of time and receives 4Bulls tokens (4B) at the end of the lock for holding, or staking, the digital artworks.

To participate in staking, one first needs to obtain 4Bulls NFTs. Then, the NFT owner must visit the 4BULLS.GAME staking page and select the type of staking session. Finally, the DeFi protocol begins awarding the staker his or her rewards in real time. The rewards can be claimed at any time. The current staking rewards vary from 70% to 300% APY, depending on the type of NFT and the type of staking lock (how 4BULLS.GAME works). The longer the lock session, the higher the APY.

As an example, a 4Bulls NFT that is priced at 100 USDC/DAI can be staked at 300% APY and bring the staker a profit of 300 USDC/DAI at the end of the year at the current reward rate. 4BULLS.GAME is a DAO, so all of the fees collected by the protocol via fantasy battles and other activities are redistributed between the stakers (who are also controllers of the protocol).

In addition to its staking program, 4BULLS.GAME is also offering referral rewards for users who bring new stakers. By sharing a referral link with others and engaging new stakers via the link, the referrer will receive a 5% match of all staking rewards from all referred users.

4BULLS.GAME launches the aforementioned services on May 20, 2021. The platform offers NFT holders opportunities to earn staking rewards in 4Bulls tokens (4B), which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on Uniswap or 1Inch. 


4BULLS.GAME is an NFT-based fantasy battle game that offers opportunities for users to: 1) stake 4Bulls NFTs and earn staking rewards and 2) win unique NFTs when participating in fantasy battles.


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