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Bitcoin was born more than 10 years ago. And one of the main ones I wanted to introduce in the financial system is the privacy and anonymity of the users. As there are not enough services to live entirely with Bitcoin, the exchanges emerged. Exchanges are very useful, but they break with one of the principles that Bitcoin was looking for, since they force us to identify ourselves. That’s why today we want to talk of the unique proposal that has.

What is is an exchange that gives you the possibility to exchange between many pairs of cryptos, but without the need for records and preserving our anonymity. In other words, it’s a system that arrived long before there was any talk of DeFi.

Actually was one of the first exchanges to appear on the market, it is developed by the HolyTransaction team, who have been on the market since before 2014 with their web wallet. From
We found references analyzing the exchange over the years as shown in this 2017 review.

Key feature of is designed to be anonymous, simple and to operate without registration. When you want to switch between crypto currencies, all you have to do is indicate your
and the destination currency, and the system will show you the current exchange rate (which will be locked for the next 15 minutes).

Suppose you have BTC and you want to change it to ETH. You go to and you put that your currency of origin the BTC and the one of destination is ETH. In addition, you put how many BTC
you want to change. The system will ask you for the ETH address where you want the coins sent when the change occurs, and will assign you a Bitcoin address to which you must send the
amount you have selected.

When the amount you send reaches that address, it is put in
march the shipment to your ETH address. And that’s the whole process.

Nowhere are you asked for personal data and you don’t have to register. Anonymity and privacy in its purest form.

What cryptomonies can be exchanged? is always in constant evolution adding more cryptomonies, like Monero does sometime or the most recent Paxos stablecoin.
In total we have right now 37 crypt coins, among which we have the most important ones: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin or Monero. You can change any pair imaginable between
these 37 crypt coins, which gives us thousands of possible change combinations.

The FYP token was one of the pioneer exchanges in sharing its benefits with its users, as well as allow users to participate in the exchange’s decision making. The FYP token is what is now called a governance token.

Characteristics of the token:
Name: token
Symbol: FYP
Technology: ERC-20 token on Ethereum network
Total amount: 35.277.362
Free-float in circulation: total

The key to the token is that the company allocates 50% of the income from commissions generated to distribute benefits among the token holders. This means that if we acquire FYP tokens we are
being shareholders of the exchange without any bureaucratic risk and with total security and anonymity. There is no
more than buying and accumulating.

Passive income is generated, without taking into account the possible revaluation of the token, which would be
even higher profits. In addition, by owning the token we have the right to vote on relevant company decisions, such as
for example when adding a new crypto-currency or incorporating new functionality.

Interested in participating?

If you want to join the 992 shareholders that the company already has, the best thing you can do is go to their website, review the operation, and if you like and want to invest, you can buy their
token -how is logical- in its own exchange.


If you are looking for an attractive investment that will generate recurring profits and passive income at the same
while betting on a possible revaluation… with its FYP token is the first option you should analyze.

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