MetaRace: DOG$ You Can Bet On

[Sydney, Australia. December 24th, 2021] Today is Christmas Eve, but there are no days off in crypto. A new Play 2 Earn NFT Metaverse called MetaRace Greyhound Racing Ecosystem just started in December and waits no longer to make the most of 2021.

MetaRace roots in the idea that a dog is a man’s best friend, but a racing dog is an investor’s best friend. This concept is brought into blockchain + video gaming to tap into the unlimited earning potential these two booming markets have shown in the past years. Recently, all the gaming cases on the blockchain (Axie Infinity, Decentraland, etc.) are metaverses where users explore lands and spaces, buy, sell, and develop their characters, sometimes fuse existing characters into new ones and fight opponents’ characters. You must have already seen all kinds of NFT monsters and meme dogs out there, but NFT race dogs are introduced to you by MetaRace.

Ricky and Corey Jackson lead the team behind MetaRace. Ricky Jackson is a former Melbourne Football Club player and businessman with 30 years in sports, entertainment, and media. Corey Jackson is a sales and marketing expert in sports & entertainment, gaming, media, ads, SaaS, and blockchain. After five years of preparations, they launched the tokenized sports platform Sportemon Go ($SGO) targeted at the UK and Australia. MetaRace is a new offering where $SGO investors can auto-join the whitelist, and 3% royalties are auto-bought back in $SGO.

MetaRace creates a metaverse world of its own. Here, you can own dogs, compete in races, breed unique NFT dogs, grow a kennel or training business, buy land, even build your own or a decentralized community co-owned NFT racecourse or gameplay and make a profit in the meantime. Out of the 2.1B total token supply, 10% DOG$ is reserved for high-yield staking rewards, and over 9% will be burned. An NFT marketplace, community governance, and incentives for LPs are there, too.

From December 23 to December 30, MetaRace holds the DOG$ IEO on Coinsbit at USD 0.001 per token. A 300 BNB private sale and a 500 BNB pre-sale have just ended. Join the MetaRace community and be a racetrack owner, trainer, or bookmaker with versatile commercial opportunities. Beta launch and wallet integration come in Q1. The full launch is set for Q2. Mobile apps, integrations, and streaming API are planned for the second half of 2022, all at the tip of your fingers.







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