Oly Sport Metaverse; The First NFT eSport Game in Canada

Oly Sport Metaverse is the first game in the world that allows players and investors to invest in virtual land backed by real estate through NFT marketplaces, thoroughly solving the risk of token devaluation.

In the context of the fast-growing game industry, with new games continually being released every day, it is not surprising that the gaming trend is also changing constantly. The concept of ‘play-to-earn’ is no longer a strange concept, quickly replacing traditional gaming models like ‘free-to-play’ or ‘pay-to-win’.

Recently, Oly Sport, the NFT game modeled on Esports has gained popularity worldwide and brought high expectations to millions of NFT gamers, crypto investors, and horse racing enthusiasts around the world. The core team at Oly Sport shared that they are finalizing the strategic sales round at $2 million; with a $20M pre-launch valuation. Let’s find out how Oly Sport is different from other NFT games on the market that can attract the top blockchain venture capitals such as BSCStation, X21, Genblock Capital, Everse Capital, Basics Capital to name a few.

The NFT Game genre is different: Instead of the “play-to-earn” models like other games, Oly Sport has a “race-to-earn” mechanism. Players can take part in various horse-related activities such as breeding, upgrading barns, raising horses, and preparing them for races. Oly Sport’s players will be able to participate in Esports tournaments – which is expected to soon become the standard for horse racing in the field of eSports.

It’s important to note that there is no gambling feature included in the game as this is not ethically, culturally, or legally accepted in many parts of the world.  Oly Sport’s grand vision is to unite humanity within its Metaverse, regardless of the player’s economic class, playstyle, ethnicity and other separation factors.

Built on the Esport model: The outcome of the race is determined by algorithms to ensure the race is fun, fair, and unpredictable. The more steeds owned, the better the chance of winning, and the higher the reward for players.

Oly Sport uses a complex algorithm to calculate which horse will win the race. While other games only take into consideration the horses’ strengths, and performance history; Oly Sport uses factors such as weather, genotype, bloodline, player’s bond with the steed, and race track conditions amongst other variables to determine performance.

Virtual NFT land backed by real estate: The most exciting value-add that Oly Sport brings to the NFT gaming community is the ability to solve virtual NFT land risks for players and investors. More specifically, when participating in NFT games, players often feel anxious when investing because the value of any items can fluctuate and depreciate depending on the market demand, which is often unpredictable in an early market.

Oly Sports wants to assure their players that this will never happen as the virtual NFT land is backed by real land with real value. Players can generate passive income by renting out stables, farming and hosting races on racetracks on the virtual land. At the same time, players have the security that the virtual land they invest in has real land value. This is considered a “double insurance” system that players can completely invest with security. In the event that the token price falls, the price of land will always increase – this is the guarantee that the player’s investment will always earn a return profit.

Easy to play, and caters to every play-style: Oly Sport offers a variety of ways for players and investors to earn profits. The game economy of Oly Sport is easy to get used to, similar to old-fashioned “farm” style games with the addition of horse racing and eSport tournaments.

Horse caring, horse racing, trading, collecting horses or investing in farms/race tracks can all be profitable. Players can have various professions in this metaverse: players can be horse-owners, virtual landlords, Olypreneurs (virtual in-game entrepreneurs), and virtual employees that support all former professions.  Whether players have a lot of tokens, or very little, they all have opportunities to grow their wealth and become the next crypto-millionaire.  Players will consider purchasing in-game NFT assets – be it horses, virtual land, or tournament arenas – as a real-life investment that generates passive income and have the flexibility to invest the time and money within their budget.

The longer you hold, the more valuable the tokens are: The management team will proceed to “burn” the tokens extracted from the in-game transactions, causing the supply of $OLY tokens to decrease over time. In Oly Sport’s virtual society, there is no government printing money and causing inflation in the market. The management team controls the token circulation in the market, and the number of tokens decreases over time based on the mechanism the team created.

Jimmy Chan – CEO of Oly Sport and former CEO of Odyssey3D – a leading 3D modeling and virtual reality real estate company in Toronto, Canada confidently shared: “No other game connects virtual assets with real world assets. We are the first metaverse where virtual land will be backed by real land value ”. By capturing the risk aversion of NFT investors, Oly Sport is addressing this risk and bringing a unique experience like never before.

Even before Facebook changed its name to Meta, Jimmy has taken one step ahead to build a metaverse for a community of horse enthusiasts, investors and D.A.O believers. Taking it a step further, this project embodies Jimmy’s timeless vision: To unify financial markets; democratize, decentralizing, and globalize  real estate ownership; and at the same time, allowing investors to earn a living playing video games — all delivered inside Oly Sport’s metaverse.

In short, Oly Sport is a name that attracts strong attention from the NFT gaming community around the world, especially because of the unique property ownership mechanism mentioned above. When investment risk is resolved, players can invest with confidence, and look forward to experiencing “race-to-earn” and owning virtual land backed by real-life farmland and racetracks – something that no NFT game has ever done before.

It is expected that Oly Sport will IDO on November 2 on BSC Station and November 6 on GameFi. Readers can follow more information at Oly Sport’s official channels:

+ Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/olysportofficial

+ Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/olysport

+ Twitter: https://twitter.com/oly_sport

+ Telegram News: https://t.me/OfficialOlySportNews

+ Telegram Group: https://t.me/OlysportOfficialGroup

+ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/DXgJSRmbQq

+ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/oly-sport

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