Prasaga Announces Partnership with EXCAVO, Bringing Exposure to the Next Generation of Blockchain

13th February 2021, Las Vegas, Nevada: Prasaga and EXCAVO have announced a strategic partnership, bringing Prasaga’s DataGrid solution one step closer to full-scale adoption. Through its technology, the DataGrid Blockchain will facilitate access to monetary stability, community governance, and programmable assets. Aiming to enhance the blockchain industry’s benchmarks through superior performance and its own OS, Prasaga is now partnering up with EXCAVO. 

“We have a shared mission to inform our community that you need to be in charge of your funds, and trade safely with your bank in your hands,” said Jay Moore, Co-Founder and Chief Collaboration Officer of Prasaga. “Eugene and the team at Excavo will empower our community to build independence through trading.”

“EXCAVO is always on the lookout for the projects that provide additional value for traders,” said Eugene Loza CEO of EXCAVO. “This partnership’s goal is to provide our traders with exposure to a next generation Layer 1 Blockchain Protocol, DataGrid Blockchain. We will publish a chart with good fundamental analysis soon.”

By leveraging EXCAVO’s advice and support, Prasaga will benefit greatly as it grows to become one of the world’s main blockchain ledgers. Advice is of utmost importance in the crypto world, as companies rush to develop the future’s technical infrastructure. This partnership is especially well-timed, since Prasaga is currently carrying out its DataGrid DeFi pools. ‘

Exploring the DGT Presale & Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool

The presale for the DataGrid Blockchain token ends today February 13th, and the launch of the Balancer liquidity bootstrapping pool begins tomorrow, 14th of February. Prasaga has opted for an LBP-based token sale thanks to its many benefits. LBPs work by commencing token sales with a higher sale price, as to deter bots and whales looking to buy up the supply. 

FOMO is therefore mitigated through the means of automatic pool weight adjustments, that proceed to reduce the token’s price as time passes. Investors looking to load up on DGT can simply wait until the time is right. Purchasing DGT via the Balancer LBP will be possible for 96 hours, a timeframe during which optimal price discovery occurs. 

After the LBP procedure is finalized, DGT will be purchasable at market price on a number of supporting exchanges. DGBLabs has also just announced a 9.75% annual farming reward, destined for those who participate in the presale and DeFi pools.

The funds raised via the DeFi Pools will be utilised to build the DataGrid community ecosystem and promote the DataGrid infrastructure as an optimal solution for the deployment of blockchain projects. 

EXCAVO is a company of independent financial analysts, traders, asset managers, economists, IT – developers. TOP-1 Trader by The most popular crypto trader according to TOP-5 Advisor Blockchain projects by Visit the Telegram / Twitter / Tradingview / Discord links to find out more.

About Prasaga
Prasaga is building the DataGrid Blockchain and has filed 6 patents, to protect the inventions for the community, has launched its innovative eXtensible Blockchain Object Model (XBOM) operating system on HyperLedger Fabric and is building the global DataGrid Collaborative community ecosystem. Visit the Telegram / Twitter / Discord / WhitePaper links to find out more.


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