Pulse Bomber – Aiming to be a First Mover to the New PulseChain Network

Pulse Bomber – a token comprising of an industry-leading crypto mining platform offering sustainable ROI, is aiming to be the first project to make the bridge to PulseChain once their main net goes live. The project is gaining popularity, having launched initially on the Binance Smart Chain, with its passive income potential it presents to its investors. It is expected to become a major platform on the PulseChain.

Once the migration is initiated, all holders of the native $PULSEBOMBER token will be eligible for a 1:1 airdrop of the equivalent on PulseChain.

The journey for Pulse Bomber has been to set its foundation in the Binance Smart Chain, utilizing its large audience to gain a significant market share and community to move as an established project to the eventual PulseChain network. The mining platform the project possesses has already gained the attention of many investors, and the planned releases including; an NFT marketplace, and a metaverse game are expected to come to fruition in the near future.

What is the Pulse Bomber Miner?

The Pulse Bomber Miner is a platform generating passive income potential for holders who deposit their tokens in exchange for Miners that work for the user to create rewards in the form of $PULSEBOMBER tokens that can be pocketed or compounded at the owners wish. The platform is described by the team as essentially giving users the ability to own their own crypto mining company.

The miner’s output statistics are sustained through regular interaction with the platform within 24-hour windows, of which the user has to return to their miner in order to maintain its efficiency. The current ROI is sitting at a daily average of 10% or 3,650% APR. If users fail to tend to their miner during the given time, the efficiency will decrease – as the main goal is to keep the platform sustained through auto-compounding into the smart contract to keep it healthy.

Compounding rewards gained in the miner poses no fees to encourage contribution to the sustainability of the platform, while there is a 25% fee if the user wishes to pocket the reward, as well as a 5% fee for deposits.

All funds gained off fees are added to the Liquidity Pool to provide the foundation fund with healthy growth.

The Unique Buyback and Burn Feature

The $PULSEBOMBER token contains a dual buyback and burn protocol – a term given to a unique system featuring burning from the open market, which removes tokens from the circulating supply and transfers value directly to the holders – compared to the more common way of burning from the non-circulating supply.

The tokenomics are designed so that marketing can be kept consistent throughout the progress of Pulse Bomber’s ecosystem, as it is one of the main focuses for the project.

The Future of Pulse Bomber

pulse bomber roadmap

Pulse Bomber Roadmap 2021 – 2022

Pulse Bomber has several planned releases for the project that includes:

  • A Launchpad: for new projects to release their new token
  • Staking: a platform designed to give holders extra passive income
  • NFT Marketplace: where users can trade, buy, and sell NFTs
  • NFT Gaming: a fully-fledged game with NFTs
  • Metaverse: implementing the game into the new metaverse technology

Coinpresso – a leading crypto marketing agency – has partnered with Pulse Bomber in order to deliver the necessary efforts to expose the project to wider communities in the crypto space, with their years of experience in the marketing industry. The agency has and will continue to provide its full-stack digital expertise through SEO, Web-Development, Content Marketing, and Social Media Management.

Pulse Bomber carries a leading product with the crypto miner, as well as expert assistance and a vision that plants them as a prominent project on the PulseChain network once it becomes available. Going off their initial inception on the BSC, the detailed roadmap, and strong utilities, the question of whether they will be first to migrate is clearly answered with an in-depth look at the project and its upcoming releases – the potential is there.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PulseBomberTKN 

Telegram: https://t.me/PulseBomber

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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