The Pulse Bomber Miner – Sustainably High ROI Rewards

Pulse Bomber is a brand new project that has only just launched in recent days, bringing with it a new standard in DeFi tokenomics and sustainable rewards for the holders of their token $PULSEBOMBER. Built on the BSC, the project has some ambitious goals laid out in front of them and due to the revolutionary tokenomics model they have created with a focus on marketing and buybacks, they have built a project that can support the ongoing marketing expenditure to reach a significant level of potential investors.

Pulse Bomber’s biggest point of difference is they have launched with a suitable use case. Their new mining platform is built with feasibility in mind and offers market-leading ROI through a simple, easy-to-use user interface.

The Pulse Bomber Miner – Sustainable and Rewarding

Pulse Bomber has created a unique dApp they call the Pulse Bomber Miner, a sustainable passive income generator that seeks to reward users daily with an average of 10% ROI or 3,650% APR for their investments. The miner has been built with longevity and long-term endurance as a focal point, for as long as the contract is funded, the miners within the platform will work for the user indefinitely.

However, the miner is not a set and forget system and encourages some continuous engagement in order to continue seeing the highest reward potential. Users are expected to return to interact with the miner every 24 hours and in doing so, can expect the best possible returns. The process is simple, a user can add their initial investment to hire the number of miners they choose within their allocated budget, returning every 24 hours to either claim or hire additional miners. By hiring additional miners, users can easily increase their reward potential as rewards compound. Users who fail to return and do not claim or hire additional miners within 24 hours, they will see a diminishing return on their existing miners as efficiency will begin to decline.

Fees Geared Towards Replenishing the Liquidity Pool

There are some fees associated with the service for initial deposits and withdrawals but there are zero fees when interacting inside the mining platform itself. Deposits will see a 5% fee and withdrawals will see a 25% fee. Similar to other well-known passive income platforms, both withdrawal and deposit fees are used to ensure the longevity of the platform and are added back into the liquidity pool.

The mining platform has been developed to run independently, will not need any assistance from outside influence or funding, and is geared towards providing a long-term passive income option for the holders of $PULSEBOMBER.

Pulse Bombers Marketing and Burning Tokenomics

A major focus for Pulse Bomber is effective marketing and growth for the life of the project with a portion of all transactions dedicated to a marketing fund. The fund has already been a successful endeavor with 150K generated within the first two days of the project’s inception, a testament to the success of the self-sustainability model they have created. The marketing plan for the project is vast and includes the top publications and advertising platforms, effective SEO strategies, content marketing and due to the budget they have acquired, the options are effectively limitless.

Token burns are also part of the long-term strategy as a large portion of buy and sell taxes are dedicated to reducing supply. The difference with Pulse Bomber from a regular non-circulating supply burn seen in other tokenomic mechanics, the buyback element purchases tokens from the open market to burn. The aim is to directly impact the value of the remaining supply and in turn, the value of the tokens held by investors.

Pulse Bombers Future Outlook

Pulse Bomber has a plan in place to sustain continuous growth and has the tokenomics model, as well as the knowledge to support this plan. Partnering with leading crypto marketing agency Coinpresso, the project has some of the best SEO and crypto marketing experts supporting their efforts.

The project has exchange listings coming in the next few weeks, one in particular, is with Altbase, an altcoin exchange on the BSC. Altbase has announced an upcoming listing for the $PULSEBOMBER token with more updates for this move coming soon.

Pulse Bomber is a project that is still at an incredibly low market cap and has some major points of difference from the majority of other token releases commonly seen in this space. They have an effective use case with the Pulse Bomber Miner with high but sustainable ROI, a strategic growth strategy laid out, partnerships with the best in the business, and big ambitions that are easily achievable based on all of the above. Pulse Bomber is a passive income project that seeks to reward investors, constantly grow and stand tall with the biggest players in the industry.



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